KAF Classic White Sandwich Bread


sandwich bread
KAF classic white sandwich bread

I finally made time to try to make a loaf of sandwich bread as part of an attempt to eat healthier this year. The loaf of bread will be primarily for our picky 10-year-old daughter so I decided on using the King Arthur Flour classic white sandwich bread recipe.

proofing loaf
Proofing loaf
Final proofing
KIng Arthur Classic White Sandwich Bread
Making the bread

A scale was used to weigh all ingredients.  The mixing of the ingredients was done by an old bread machine. Final proofing encountered a minor problem as the dough rose quickly. This was a little surprising as the kitchen was on the cool side that morning. The sandwich loaf of bread was baked at 350° Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. The baking loaf of sandwich bread was rotated 180° and then a  loose tent of foil was place over the top of the loaf.

Cooling loaf
Cooling loaf of sandwich bread.

The loaf of white sandwich bread has a nice golden brown color. The loaf had a nice fresh smell with a faint touch of honey. The crumb had a nice consistency with uniform holes.

Sandwich bread
KAF classic white sandwich
Fineshed loaf.
Finished loaf.
Slice of bread
Slice of KAF classic white sandwich bread.